Big changes coming for Homecoming 2016

Conant's Haunted Homecoming flyer courtesy of David Moravek

Conant’s Haunted Homecoming flyer courtesy of David Moravek

Additional lighting, a new stage setup, and a new sound system will make this year’s Haunted Homecoming different than the past.

Student Council Adviser David Moravek said there will be a 360 degree lighting effect. To achieve this, there will be lights wrapped around the railings, 257 feet of light panels, and a laser light show. “We will have dramatic lighting effects that we have never been able to have,” Moravek said.

The new setup will also include a bigger stage, and it will be placed in the middle of the gym. “This will be the biggest stage we’ve ever had, so more kids will have stage front access,” Moravek said.

Another addition is the sound system. Moravek said the crew is going to fly the speakers, meaning that they will be hanging 16 feet above the floor. This will allow everyone in the gym to clearly hear the music.

DJ Spin of B96 will be DJing the last hour of Homecoming. “It’s a big deal for a high school to get someone like that,” Moravek said. There will be multiple DJs, as well as an MC who will hype up the crowd and give away prizes.

The many new additions to the dance are set to get more and more innovative towards the end. The dance is going to “build, we are going to blow things up at the end. It’s going to be awesome,” Moravek said. DJ Spin, along with prizes and bounce-like lights towards the end of the dance, will help achieve this concept.

Moravek explained how these changes will affect students attending Homecoming. “Kids don’t go to dances because the same things are always done. People want different, they want new,” he said. “This is truly different from anything we’ve ever done.”

Many student concerns are how hot and muggy the gym gets during school dances. Moravek said the crew will be cooling down the gym two days in advance, so this problem will not reoccur.

hc-danceCourtesy of David Moravek

This year’s theme is Haunted Homecoming. Co- President of the Student Council, Sarika Debruyn, ‘17, said there will be a haunted hallway, which will be filled with fog machines, fake blood, and possibly teachers in costumes. The Homecoming dance “will not be G-rated, more on the side of PG-13,” Debruyn said.

The Haunted Homecoming theme is very different from any theme ever done at Conant. “Our Homecoming is so close to Halloween this year, so it ties in really well to the spooky theme,” Nicole Brashears,’19, said.

The lighting, stage set up, and haunted theme are all new additions to any Conant dance. “I’m excited to go because I really want to see if this Homecoming will be the best one yet,” Brashears said.

This year, the Homecoming shirts will be tied into the pink-out game, Moravek said. The pink shirts are selling for $10, and the proceeds go to breast cancer survivors. The shirts will be sold along with the tickets during lunch periods. The game is on October 7, and Haunted Homecoming is on October 8. Tickets will be on sale outside the cafeteria starting September 28, for $15. Starting October 3, the tickets will cost $20, and they will cost $30 at the door the night of the dance.

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