2022 MSL Dance conference: A photo story

On January 12, Conant hosted the Charrelles 2022 Varsity MSL Conference. Performances began with an exhibition from the Fremd JV team and ended with a performance from the DePaul University dance team. The event was available to live spectators and livestreamed on the Conant YouTube channel

Rolling Meadows finished 6th, Fremd 5th, Hoffman 4th, Prospect 3rd, Conant 2nd, and Barrington 1st. 

Both Charelles coaches are first year teachers at Conant. Navigating the difficulties of coaching, teaching, and doing both in the midst of a global pandemic poses its challenges. In spite of this, the coaches led the Charelles team to success.

“Coach Panek and I make a great team,” Conant JV coach Pamela Nehrke said. “So I think that has helped tremendously as well.”

Seeing the team help each other with choreography or counts, or working together to solve a problem are when I am the most proud to lead this group of incredible athletes,” Varsity coach Arden Panek said. “This team picks each other up when one is down and gives it their all, each and every day.”


Johanna Selmeczy

Johanna Selmeczy is an Editor-in-Chief and a senior at Conant. This is her second year on the Crier Staff. At Conant, Johanna is a part of Conant Theatre, Speech Team, Improv and NHS. Outside of Conant, Johanna enjoys playing guitar and writing creatively.

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  1. Anon@domain.com' Anon says:

    Charrelles is the name for the CHS dance team specifically. The competition is the MSL Dance Championship.

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