Conant’s National Honor Society presents a CHS charity garage sale

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National Honor Society is hosting the first ever garage sale on Saturday, Nov. 5. The event will take place in the cafeteria from 8-12 p.m.

NHS will be running the garage sale as part of Conant’s November charity month. NHS Member Divya Gudur, ‘17, explained that the purpose of the event is to collect money to donate to Syrian refugees and help underprivileged families in the community.

Gudur said that the items sold will be donations from Conant students and faculty collected two weeks prior to the event. “We will sell clothes, board games, jewelry, and books for a cheap price, [which] can help them economically,” she said.

Gudur explained that the clothes will be around two dollars, and the other items around a dollar.

NHS Member Bhavana Bheem, ‘17, said that there will also be a Conant section, where they will be selling old Conant spirit wear. “We’re especially aiming for the freshmen of Conant to come buy this spirit wear because it’s cheaper,” Gudur said.

Bheem said that the money collected from the garage sale will be donated to Syrian refugees. She said, “We’re going to buy the Syrian refugees a UNICEF winter package.” It costs $161 per package and helps 10 kids. Bheem added that it gives them a blanket, micronutrients, and essentials for the winter.

The donations also help the underprivileged families in the community. Bheem said,”Any student can come and purchase whatever they want, but we’re really pushing towards the families who need shirts at two dollars.”

Bheem and Gudur said they plan to reach out to organizations and families in need in the community to come out and attend the garage sale. Some organizations they will work with include Goodwill, Salvation Army, Palatine Opportunity Center, Higgins Educational Center, Cougars In Need, District 54 Families, Woodfield Areas Children Organization, Kenneth Young Center, and WINGS.

Bheem and Gudur stress the fact that it’s crucial for the Conant students and faculty to participate. Gudur said, “We’re engaging a lot of other organizations, but we need the Conant students to step up because that also means the more underprivileged people [we] are helping, and the more money we get to help the Syrian refugee kids.”

Bheem explained that this event is something new that Conant hasn’t done before. “In my high school career as a senior, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of Conant doing something for an international base,” Bheem said.

Gudur believes that the care packages will display how much the students impacted the event. She said, “I think that is a really good feel-good factor for Conant kids, especially.”

Bheem said that NHS is hoping to help about 50 Syrian refugee children, which requires around $800.

Arisha Rizvi

Arisha is a junior at Conant High School and works as an Entertainment editor in the Crier staff. Arisha is also on the Conant tennis team. She loves to spend time with family, read books, sketch, and listen to music.

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