Prom Fashion Show 2022: a photo story

A wide array of seniors took to the stage last week to show off their prom dresses and suits. Gentlemen’s Quarters Formalwear provided suits and male participants were encouraged to give out referral cards in return for getting a free suit to wear to prom. The event was put on in the auditorium and JCC members commentated over the models strutting down the runway.

Ananya Maddulapalli took the photos for the slideshow.'

Johanna Selmeczy

Johanna Selmeczy is an Editor-in-Chief and a senior at Conant. This is her second year on the Crier Staff. At Conant, Johanna is a part of Conant Theatre, Speech Team, Improv and NHS. Outside of Conant, Johanna enjoys playing guitar and writing creatively.

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