The Conant Drum Line brings Santa for an early visit to Woodfield Mall

  • photo 4(2)
    Security guard Terrell safely guides the Conant Drum Line and drum majors through Woodfield Mall.
  • photo 3
    Bass and cymbal line.
  • photo 1(4)
    Drum Line Captain Michael Einig
  • photo 2
    Snare and tenor line.
  • photo 4(1)
    The cymbal line and drum majors Hannah Kim and Anthony Solano.
  • photo 1
    An aerial view of the Drum Line.
  • photo 2(5)
    Santa tours Woodfield Mall, accompanied by his elves and lead by his tin soldiers (the Drum Line).
  • photo 2(4)
    Bass and cymbal line.
  • photo 1(3)
    Backstage: Drum majors Hannah Kim, Anthony Solano, Jessica Dailey, and Maddy Demaret.
  • photo 2(3)
    Backstage: the snare line consists of Michael Einig, Arjun Roy, Luke Downey, Matt Meyers, Christianna Tai, and Tommy Farnsworth.
  • photo 3(1)
    Backstage: the tenor line consists of Khushal Shah, Connor Lejman, and Vince Savarino.
  • photo 2(1)
    Backstage: the bass line consists of Matt Loftus, Patrick Malloy, Dylan Dombrowski, Lucas Laun, and Kevin Pezzopane.
  • photo 1(1)
    Backstage: the cymbal line consisting of Grant Vivirito, Colin Witt, Jimmy Brewer, Isaiah Summers, Scott Grgurich, Sebastian Duque, Calvin Vore, Sam Chernick, and Sarah Sekulich is photobombed by Santa.
  • photo 5
    Gameworks: Mr. Kreg Moorhouse, Mrs. Leann Roder-manson, Luke Downey, Connor Lejman, Michael Einig, Matt Meyers, Arjun Roy, and Mr. Michael Kozakis.
  • photo 3(2)
    The Conant Drum Line gathers for one last celebratory selfie of the marching band season with band director, Mr. Moorehouse.

While the Conant Marching Band set aside its plumes and halftime shows in October, the Drum Line has just recently ended its own marching season with a performance at Woodfield Mall.  On Thursday, November 6, the Conant Drum Line marched through Woodfield Mall, leading Santa and his elves.  Acting as Santa’s tin soldiers, the Drum Line played its famous cadence,  or performace package while slowly leading Santa’s entourage, in front of the gathered and excited crowd.

This year’s march did contain a few technical difficulties. A couple of crucial items were forgotten, such as a marching hat and drum carrier. As a result, the bus driver had to drive to Conant and then back to the mall in less than twenty minutes to retrieve the items. A few of the members were not able to start out the performance with the rest of the Drum Line, but they eventually entered the parade when their missing items arrived at the mall.

Drum Line Captain Michael Einig said, “This is the first year we had malfunctions. The Woodfield Staff actually complimented us on how we handled the problem because they thought the malfunction was a part of the performance.”

Over the past years, marching Santa into Woodfield has been turned into a Drum Line tradition. Band Director Kreg Moorhouse said, “In my opinion, it’s way too early to think about Santa and Christmas. But each year, it’s really fun to see the kids and parents get excited and see the whole atmosphere of the mall change when Santa comes in.”

After the performance, band directors Moorhouse and Leann Roder-Manson rewarded the Drum Line with a trip to Gameworks. The Gameworks trip celebrates hard work, long hours of rehearsal, aching backs from carrying heavy drums, and simply, the end of a great marching season.  In attendance  were also Michael Kozakis, the Drum Line/percussion instructor, and the four dedicated drum majors.

“It’s sad that it’s my last year playing on the Drum Line.  I have really enjoyed this year, and this year’s Drum Line has been one to remember,” said Captain Luke Downey.

Above are a compilation of pictures taken throughout the evening, capturing a final night of performance with the Conant Drum Line. Click through to get to know the 2014-15 members of the Drum Line, the drum majors, and directors, some of whom you’ve only seen from afar during assemblies and football games.

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