Stuco food drive aims to “can” Mr. Behnken

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    Stuco's annual food drive will be held November 17-21 and this year's theme is "'Can' Mr. Behnken". The canned goods will be donated to the Schaumburg Township Food Pantry.
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    Remember to donate any canned goods in your first hour class to win donuts! Let's 'can' Mr. Behnken's office..
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    Junior Morgan Wessel brought in 82 cans!
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    Current canned goods in Behnken's office.

Student council (Stuco) is holding their annual food drive from Monday, November 17 to Friday, November 21 with this year’s theme “‘Can’ Mr. Behnken”, featuring Talbott Behnken, Conant Assistant Principal. The food drive will help stock the Schaumburg Township Food Pantry, just in time for Thanksgiving.

“A good way for us to make sure that the Food Pantry gets enough food for the holidays is to make it like a competition in the school, and that’s always worked for us,” said Claudia Debruyn, a senior and president of Stuco.

Each first hour class will be competing, and the canned goods will be picked up during eighth period by Stuco and delivered to Behnken’s office during the week, “canning” his office. The winning class will receive donuts from County Donuts, and the teacher of the class will receive preferred parking for the rest of first semester.

If teachers aren’t participating, students can just drop off the canned goods in Behnken’s office.

In regards to the theme this year, Debruyn said, “First off, it’s Mr. BehnCAN; there was a pun in there. But also just because Mr. Behnken is one of the most well-known administrators.”

David Moravek, a social studies teacher and sponsor of Stuco, added, “He’s [also] got a sense of humor about him.”

Moravek said that their goal is to simply fill Behnken’s room and  “evict him from his office,” and to also help a lot of people in the process.

Moravek mentioned, “The student supervisors in the hallway have brought in about 360 items already. Kurfess [the winner of past years] is behind.”

Stephen Kurfess, a math teacher, said “My strategy is just to inform the kids about the need for food in the community. I’m a firm believer in ‘paying it forward.’ Some parents have lost their jobs and maybe they can’t provide a good holiday meal. It’s okay to ask for help, but when a student does have the means to help others in the future, they need to help someone in return.”

Kurfess explained that he always tries to speak to his students’ hearts and that they always come through.

In response to Moravek, Kurfess said, “Oh, we will catch up. I have a plan, but I have to say, it’s top secret.”

Remember to bring in any canned goods you have lying around in the back of your pantry and donate to the Schaumburg Food Pantry! You might win donuts…

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