Foods classroom gets new look over summer

Over the summer, the foods classroom was refurbished and now has the latest technology with a lot more space to spare.

Students interests in foods programs had grown so high, the department no longer had enough space for all the students. This prompted serious conversations about creating more space and getting another kitchen.

Family and Consumer Science Teacher Jacqueline Brown said, “We were jam packed eight periods a day. There was no space to do anything.”

Brown added that she believed the most beneficial part about the summer-long renovation was the addition of technology that is used in professional kitchens.

The new technology includes modern ovens, microwaves, and refrigerators. There are also televisions installed in every kitchen and a rotating camera in the front of the room. This makes it easier for teachers to do demonstrations and students to see their recipes.

Family and Consumer Science Department Chair Angela Drenth said, “Before, we were training them through textbooks. Now, we’re able to train them through real world training. So not only is the additional space beneficial, but the just the equipment and the technology of what is in that room is phenomenal for us.”

Foods students also like the modern technology and space of the new foods room.

Stephanie Klamer, ‘19, said, “It feels amazing to have a new foods room. From working in both the old and new kitchen, it is definitely something to get used to. I think there are a lot of new things to make cooking easier and more efficient.”

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