America’s Got Talent dance group comes to Conant

Before the day started on Friday morning, no one at Conant knew that the dance group, The Future Kingz, who are currently competing on “America’s Got Talent,” would show up at school. When Yari Saravia, ‘20, talked to Principal Julie Nowak at 7 a.m., that was made possible.

“I kind of know them because [Renzell Roque] graduated from Streamwood and [Malik Sosho] graduated from Hoffman,” Saravia said. “I kind of basically just messaged them and then I had a meeting this morning with Mrs. Nowak at seven, and second period this was planned out.”

The dance group, who has performed on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” with Chance the Rapper, played at the Kids Choice Awards, performed on MTV, and headlined at the World of Dance in Chicago, wanted to bring a message to the school about the community they live in.

“All of the schools that are a part of District 211— they always give us a really warm welcome,” Isaiah Sosho said, who attended Conant for a semester during his sophomore year in 2010 and graduated from Hoffman Estates in 2013. “We knew that the energy was going to be amazing and there was a positive atmosphere for us to spend our time. We wanted to inspire our youth, to make them aware of the resources that are available to them in their immediate environment.”

Sosho continued his statement by saying that he feels people underestimate the value of friendship and teamwork. “I feel like that if we let students know while they’re in high school because they are very influenced here — if we informed them of the importance of unity, that they’ll be more inspired and more inclined to create and just develop over the years,” he said.

Students cheered when the group walked into the gym. After they gave a speech and performed, which they did for several class periods in the afternoon, students were able to wait in a line for pictures.

Carrie Kolder, ‘19, one of the students to take a picture with the group, said, “I thought it was pretty cool because they’re on “America’s Got Talent,” and it was fun to hear that they went to Conant and Hoffman.”

They auditioned once on the show in 2015 but did not qualify. The group was finally able to get on the show for Season 13 and are now in the quarterfinals. The group performs next on Aug. 28 at 7 p.m. on NBC. Voting for them to advance to the semifinals will be available after the show has ended. Seven out of the 12 acts that perform on that night will advance to the next round, which will be announced on the show the following day.


Isaac Goffin

Isaac is the Sports Editor and a senior at Conant. This is his third year on the Crier staff. At Conant, Isaac is also a member of PRIDE and the Principal Advisory Board. Outside of school, Isaac likes to watch sports or read about them. An interesting fact about Isaac is that he has been to 35 states.

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