VIDEO: A chocolaty back-to-school dessert

Dreading going back to school? Don’t worry–with one bite of this delicious chocolate mousse cake, all your stress will melt away. Not only is this recipe a delicious treat for chocoholics, but it’s beautifully decorated, as well.

Watch our video so you can make this treat for yourself and your friends. If you need further instructions, check out the full chocolate mousse recipe here.


  • Wait until the cake is completely cooled before cutting it and spreading the mousse. If the cake is still hot, it may cause the mousse to melt.
  • When you slice the strawberries, set aside slices of similar size. Then use these to line the bottom of the cake to create a symmetrical look.
  • Once you have layered the mousse in the cake, refrigerate the cake while you prepare the chocolate whipped cream and slice the strawberries. This will allow the chocolate mousse to become more firm.
  • Note: The whipped cream is not chocolate flavored. The chocolate added to it is to give it a chocolate brown appearance.

Michelle Zhang

Michelle is a junior at Conant Highschool, and this is her second year on the Crier staff. This year she is going to be the editor of the new Lifestyle section. During the school year she is on the golf team and the math team. Outside of school she loves to bake, read, and spend time with her family.

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