The top four most iconic episodes of ‘iCarly’

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After Nickelodeon announced their partnership with Netflix in November of 2020, everyone has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of childhood favorites to the popular streaming service. A classic, “iCarly”, has recently been added to Netflix, and we couldn’t be happier. Granted, the release of the first two seasons have a fair share of issues: many of the episodes are out of order, and the so-called season one and two on Netflix actually include some episodes from season three. Nonetheless, these minor mix-ups won’t ruin this momentous occasion. After a massive binge-rewatching session of the first “two” seasons on Netflix, I carefully assessed and narrowed a list down to the top four most iconic episodes of “iCarly”. Here they are:

“iSaved Your Life” – Season 2 Episode 25 

Regardless of how long it’s been since you’ve seen an “iCarly” episode, it’s almost impossible to forget Freddy’s obsession with Carly. His desperate attempts to make Carly love him all fail–until this episode. Nothing is more entertaining than seeing Carly be “in love” with Freddy. Regardless of Carly’s temporary crush, this episode screams Seddie. Sam and Freddie are my personal favorite ship of “iCarly”, and Carly getting in the way only makes me root for Sam and Freddie even more. In the words of Sam, “She’s not in love with you Freddie, she’s in love with what you did!”

“iTwins” – Season 2 Episode 18

While nothing show-stopping happens in this episode, it’s my personal favorite episode for a good laugh (queue cheesy Nickelodeon laughing-sound effect). Freddy is tricked over and over by Sam’s and Carly’s repeated pranks. It’s also interesting to see how Nickelodeon used the scene-double to film the scenes with Sam and her “twin” and later edited her in. Overall, this episode is lighthearted and never gets old. 

“iNevel” – Season 1 Episode 4

Personally, Nevel is one of my favorite characters on the show (after Sam and Gibby, of course), and this episode is the first time they introduce him. It’s really funny to see the trio “at mercy” of 11 year old Nevel, and to top things off, his mom scolding him the entire episode only makes it better. The only thing I didn’t love was the number of times I physically cringed at certain scenes, but I guess that’s a given when watching shows from 2007. And, of course, an honorable mention goes out to Spencer’s butter statue for having nothing to do with the plot whatsoever. 

“iScream On Halloween” – Season 1 episode 14 

There’s literally nothing I love more than a seasonal special, and everyone knows Halloween specials are objectively the best kind. The spooky effects in the “haunted” apartment are the perfect amount of terrible: the bad quality of early 2000s special effects hit different after years of watching shows that seem almost too-realistic. My favorite part, though, is when Spencer forgets the Halloween candy so the neighborhood kids roll him down the street in his own giant pumpkin. Rookie mistake. 

Which of these four episodes is your favorite?'

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